About Geek Central

Geek Central is a division of Midwest Communications.

1996 - Midwest Communications was formed, originally as a partnership, to enter the newly deregulated broadcasting and telecommunications market.

1997 - Midwest Communications begins operating as a "Premium Internet Service Provider" in the Faribault calling area.(507-332-XXXX / 507-334-XXXX / 507-685-XXXX)

1997 - Midwest Communications is the first Internet Service Provider in the Faribault area to offer real UNIX shell access. (Both AIX and SOLARIS)

1997 - Midwest Communications begins providing dedicated dialup internet service (33.6 Kilobits per second with 5 static IP addresses) for $100.00 dollars per month.

1997 - Traditional dialup is available for $25.00 per month and offers the user 256 Hours of internet access. (Unlike our competition, Midwest Communications only sells 48 dialup connections per T1.)

1997 - Midwest Communications is the first Internet Service Provider in the city of Faribault to be mulihomed. Utilizing BGP we had connections to BBN, Digex, Sprint, and UUNET (All of which are Teir 1 providers.)

1998 - Midwest Communications is the first Internet Service Provider to offer 2 Megabit (Bi-directional) DSL service in the city of Faribault.

2002 - Midwest Communications exits the Internet Service Provider business.

With the rollout of cable modem service by Charter Communications in the spring of 2001 it was clear to our management team that the world had changed. It would no longer be profitable to continue providing dialup internet services or DSL because Charter Communications had more capacity and thus the decision was made to exit the internet service provider business. It was at this time we refocused our company.

2003 - Midwest Communications chooses the Geek Central name to begin offering premium computer repair services to small and medium sized businesses.

2009 - Geek Central openes a new location at 116 Central Avenue North.

2016 - Geek Central began offering software and hardware support for Apple products.

2017- Geek Central moves across the street to our present location at 109 Central Avenue North where we still provide the best service in the industry and generally have a turn around time of one day.